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Jan 24, 2017  

Arthur Murray Dance Studio Offers Tips For Planning First Wedding Dance Some couples are satisfied learning a simple and traditional dance, like a waltz, and we can help them enhance very simple movements to create a unique dance for their wedding. Of course, many couples nowadays are interested in more ambitious dance styles. Dances like the Swing, the Bachata, and the Zouk are becoming increasingly popular. We can work with a wide range of styles to fit the couples personalities. The studio not only works with the bride and groom; they also work with other members of the wedding party. Some wedding receptions nowadays have formation dances that incorporate the whole wedding party, and some couples also like to learn special routines for the mother-son and father-daughter dances. Gamboa recommends that couples dress casually for their wedding dance lessons , but that they wear shoes similar to what they will be wearing at the reception. Shoes are very important because they affect the way the body can move. Dancing in ballet flats is very different from dancing in high heels, he explained. Interested couples can see more advice on the dance studios website along with a list of dances that the instructors teach. Couples are invited to call now to make their first appointment for a free lesson. About Arthur Murray Dance Studio Ashburn VA The Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Ashburn was opened by husband and wife team Gabriel and Leigh Gamboa.

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