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Jan 17, 2018  
Q2. Coworkers got engaged. I work in HR. The groom2be just added ANOTHER coworker's newborn to his insurance policy. He says it's his kid and he may NOT get married after all. The bride2be has no idea, been spending her money on the wedding. Should I tell her what's up? #SBCCHAT

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Rent the Runway Cofounder Jennifer Hyman and Benjamin Stauffer Had A Down-to-Earth Wedding in Montauk - Vogue

“So I figured that given I run a technology company, I should also trust technology to help me find the love of my life.” Jenn realized she was in love the weekend of her 35th birthday. “I had just bought a beach house in the Hamptons in Amagansett, and I always had this dream of creating a commune where I’d be surrounded by a big rowdy community of friends and family,” says Jenn. “I still didn’t have any furniture, but invited 30 friends and their kids out to celebrate with me for the weekend. When it was time for dinner on Saturday night, Ben and my sister Becky set up the living room with wildflowers and candles everywhere and brown cardboard boxes covered with incredible textiles—they turned the house into a bohemian fantasy! We all sat Indian-style in a circle and one of our favorite chefs cooked us dinner. At that moment, I knew that I had found my ‘partner in celebration’ . . . someone who had embraced my community and was always up for the irrational choices—like inviting 30 friends to a house without furniture—that always lead to the fun memories.” The two were pretty much inseparable after that first summer and, a year later, Ben proposed on the beach in Amagansett—the same place where they’d first fallen in love. “It was a chilly but sunny day in mid-April, and the beach was deserted,” Jenn remembers. “At a certain point, Ben and I sat down on a piece of driftwood, and I asked him to dance with me.

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